Quaker Creates Pop-up Breakfast Bot Giving Away Free Breakfast

Quaker Breakfast Bot Ad Vending Machine

In the video above we see a campaign by the Belgian agency Friendship for Quaker’s breakfast food. It starts off by showing how busy and hectic can our daily life get, using a train station during rush hour as its setting and a metaphor to emphasize how everything goes by very quickly. We see a sign saying ‘Free Breakfast’ which points towards an interactive vending machine, comprised of two people dressed up as robots who start making your very own breakfast dish after you make a choice. There are two options available for the audience to choose from. Finally, the vending machine closes down and as the video shows, it tells the audience: “see you soon!”

Quaker Breakfast Bot Ad Vending Machine
Good impressions

The advertisement is efficient and clear. It starts from early in the morning amidst the face pace of people’s daily routine and at a time when breakfast is eaten, as a reminder that we somehow need to fit a nice meal in our schedule. The whole idea of taking a vending machine which quickly produces breakfast food is brilliant. Once again the agency uses a metaphor, as Quaker itself is ‘easy’ food but made with love and just as good as home made goods, and they chose to show how it is made right in front of the crowd so that they can see what happens before the food lands in the store shelf.

We can also see that the campaign gathered quite a crowd of people who were very interested in seeing what’s going on. Another bonus is that the breakfast was free, which adds to the engagement factor – after all, who doesn’t want to try a free sample? That is a core element of guerilla marketing today, because people are too busy to stop and pay attention to a campaign unless it is given to them on a silver platter, so it is a great bonus that the company decided to invest in free sampling since this is very likely to pay off as people who have eaten the free sample and like it will probably decide to grace their breakfast with Quaker food.

A Healthy, Spotless Record

The Quaker campaign doesn’t really have any downsides. It attracted people, it presented the product in a good light and a clear manner, the company’s branding was everywhere and the audience could see it easily. This is an all-round good advertising campaign. The question of whether it reached the financial success and goals set out for the company can only be answered by Quaker themselves rather than for us, unfortunately. Either way, the campaign looks like it was received very well, people ate Quaker breakfasts and were happy to do so.


Advertising Agency: Friendship, Antwerp, Belgium
Creative Directors: Phil Blondé, Dieter Vanhoof
Photographers: Jolien Arits, Eline Ros
Additional credits: Ilse van Elsacker, Mallika D’Huys, Bart Verschueren, the robots
Published: December 2015


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