The Rethink Ornament: Turn Your Phone into an Ornament!

Remember the days when we gathered around the table and actually had conversations with each other? Christmas holidays are not the same anymore, as technology and the distractions it brings managed to change our communication and not always in a good way. It’s not easy nowadays to actually leave your phone aside and enjoy your meal, since there’s always the temptation to check your social networks for any new notifications. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is real and maybe it’s time to deal with it.

Rethink Ornament: Turn your phone into an ornament!

At least that’s what ‘Rethink Ornament’ is trying to do with a revolutionary idea that promises to turn our phone into an ornament, at least for the time needed to enjoy the time we’re spending with our family and friends. No more excuses of not having quality moments with your favourite people due to a digital addiction, as ‘Rethink Ornament’ is here to turn your phone into an ornament in just a matter of seconds.

Rethink Ornament: Turn your phone into an ornament!

The so-called ‘ornament that saved Christmas’ is hoping to connect us, bringing back holiday cheers and helping us re-connect with our families with the magic ‘wand’ of this clever gadget. In fact, ‘Rethink Ornament’ is a candy cane that is part phone accessory and part digital ornament, with the prototype being fashioned out of a holiday pen and a custom headphone jack, turning the phone into a digital ornament that only allows the speakers to work, playing all our favourite holiday songs to get us into the spirit.

Rethink Ornament: Turn your phone into an ornament!

What’s more, you can all create your own digital ornament by using your old headphones, leaving your phone aside even for a day. No more texting, tagging and swiping to the right, just teasing, laughing and hugs to delight!

‘Rethink Ornament’ is still not widely available, but its concept already gained the much needed publicity to receive the positive approval it required to proceed to the next steps and think of even more ideas to help people enjoy more great moments.

Rethink Ornament: Turn your phone into an ornament!

Technology may be impressive and there’s no reason to be ashamed by the fact that you can’t live without your mobile phone, but we all need some help from time to time to leave the distractions aside, right?

It seems that ‘Rethink Ornament’ managed to create an advertising that spots our digital addiction, without blaming us about it (which most of the audience would hate), focusing on the importance of sharing good moments with our beloved people during the holidays, reminding us that we all need to leave technology aside from time to time for the sake of great quality moments.

That’s how an advertising manages to blend an appealing illustration with a concept that a wide audience can relate to, considering an ‘out of the box’ idea to deal with a common problem, grabbing everyone’s attention. What did you think of the ‘Rethink Ornament’? Would it persuade you to turn your phone into an ornament?


Advertising Agency: Rethink, Canada
Creative Directors: Ian Grais, Chris Staples, Dré Labre
Art Directors: Hans Thiessen, Felipe Mollica
Copywriter: John Eresman
French Copywriter: Xavier Blais
Broadcast Producer: Sarah Vingoe
Animator: HardEdge Creative
Editor: Megan Bodaly
Audio House: Kozmic Sound
Vocal Talent: Katie Duerdoth, Karine Doucet
Digital Producer: Cynthia Cyr
Digital Designers: Steve Lam, Dustin Gamble
Developers: Steve Lam, Dustin Gamble, Hanna Chen
Print Producer: Kerry Bhangu
Prop Maker: Dennis Bayluk
Studio Artist: Jan Day
Printer: Hemlock
Director of Digital Strategy: Darren Yada
Director of Amplification: Leah Gregg
Outreach Coordinator: Rosa Tang
Digital Analyst: Gordon Zhang
Account Manager: Steph Hurl
French Account Manager: Alex Lefebvre

Written by Tereza Litsa

Social media and content manager, blogging about social media and marketing.


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