Samsung Creates Unique Digital Billboard That Tells You Want’s Around the Corner

Samsung found the right way to promote the launch of a new phone and its exciting features in Stockholm, showcasing its capabilities right on the corner of a street!

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ is out now and the brand was looking for a way to showcase its live notifications on the edge of the phone. How can you promote this feature though in the least expected way? Well, the advertising agency DDB Stockholm along with the production of Stopp found the perfect way to do so.

Samsung invites you to see beyond the edge

They decided to place a digital billboard in a crowded street corner in Stockholm that would serve as a live notification system. The billboard encouraged people to ‘see beyond the edge with information stream’ and that’s how the campaign focused on edges and the element of surprise they include: ‘edges are fun, you never know what’s around the corner.’

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 23.11.37

Everyone that passed by the specific street corner was surprised to notice the digital billboard that magically found the right phrase to say for each one. Notifications like ‘Be careful bike ahead!’ and ‘Hope you’re a dog person’ popped up on the screen, with people stopping and trying to figure out how this really works. There were even a notifications for drivers looking for a parking spot, or one informing a runner about the weather, which turned out to be clever, but also useful!

The inspiration for all the interesting (and useful) messages is credited to an editorial staff that was waiting at a nearby café, sending the right message among a list of prepared ones they already had for each occasion.

Samsung invites you to see beyond the edge

The feature of the live notifications at the edge of the phone seem interesting on their own, but imagine the effect of such a promotional campaign in Stockholm, with people being amazed by the idea of cool and live notifications, asking for more details about the concept. It’s another successful case of thinking outside the box in marketing and creating an ad that is different and genuine, in a way that it ends up being appealing to the desired audience. Ambient advertising is not always easy, but when it’s properly done, it leads to impressive results for the brand and the advertising agency that dare to be creative!


Category: Telecommunications
Client: Samsung Nordic
Agency: DDB Stockholm
Production: Stopp
Country: Sweden
Copywriter: Nick Christiansen
Art Director: Joel Ekstrand
Business Director: Jacob Sandström
Account Director: Christian Westelindh
Planner: Patrick Wilkorsz
Visual Effects: House
Account manager: Susanne Ytterlid

Written by Tereza Litsa

Social media and content manager, blogging about social media and marketing.


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