Tesco Lotus Express Delivers Delicious Beverages via Balloons and Drones

Tesco Lotus Express Mug With Doraemon

Two popular names, one goal

Here is an advertisement created by Bangkok’s mlnteraction for Tesco Lotus Express, a grocery store chain in Thailand and a subsidiary of the British Tesco chain.

What the eyes see

We are greeted with many different people in Thailand doing their daily activities, which vary from sweeping the streets to studying or selling food. After that, we see messages getting attached to mugs with Doraemon on them, and then these are delivered to the people we saw earlier in the video through different methods of transportation, from RC cars to even drones.

All of this is done to show the viewers and participants that there are small things which make us open up a smile, and also supports the hashtag #welovedoraemon.

The ad can be taken both ways. One of the marking features about it is that it’s rather confusing as unless you know the Tesco Lotus brand, you won’t understand that the product they are selling is the supermarket, even if the promotion of the Doraemon character is understandable enough. Doraemon’s presence is very straightforward as the mugs and the video both show Doraemon nearly as a logo, just like big brands such as Coca-Cola or Pepsi usually do, so when it comes to the character it was advertised very well and showed how much people were happy to get a mug with his cute face on it. This aspect affected the campaign very well. On the other hand, having such a prominence of Doraemon is what instantly makes the Tesco Lotus advertisement fall behind.

Tesco Lotus Express Mug With Doraemon

It’s always very important to create a straight-forward ad, or if there is a mystery around what the product is, it should be revealed in a clear manner at the end since this will then rely on the viewer’s curiosity to stick to their memory. In this case, the Tesco Lotus Express brand was not very visible for the audience, thus wasting a good chance to bring a good name to the company on an even bigger scale.

A mixed balance

Of course, the advertisement did do what it said it would do: bring a smile to the people, which was of course a great treat to the people who participated in the campaign. On top of that, it is sure to bring smiles to the viewers faces, but the fact is that the people exposed to it will most likely just remember it for Doraemon or for the fact that people were happy about getting a beverage in a cute mug. It’s always important to show a satisfied customer, so the ad achieved that and will most likely be remembered for its impact, but nonetheless it has its short comings as mentioned above.

On the positive side is also the factor that just like a supermarket environment it shows the daily life of an average customer who easily would choose to shop at Tesco Lotus Express whenever they are on the go.

It is very hard to do a great ad and sometimes it will be a miss – when there are two products and brans involved it will be harder to keep both shining equally, and often one will fall through, in this case Tesco Lotus Express, while Doraemon succeeded with flying colours.


Advertising Agency: mlnteraction, Bangkok, Thailand
CEO: Siwat Chawareewong
Executive Creative Director: Jirat Arinrith
Creative Director: Anjawin Shinkhem
Copywriter: Greepol Boonsrangsom
Art Director: Unnopp Nirathon
Interactive Designers: Kitworawej Phongsuwankul, Pornchai Rungsirijaratthong, Keetapol Boonprachak
Animator: Pawitwong Prasitchoke
Client Service Director: Thitirat Tantirittisak
Account Director: Wannaporn Osiriphan
Head of Strategy & Insights: Neil Mavichak
Associate Strategic Planning Dir: Worawin Soncharoen
Strategic Planner: Kwankaow Koosakulnirund
Insights Manager: Pan Jroongtanapibarn
Producers: Sukhontha Jantawong, Akirawat Maneerattanachose


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