What Makes a Marketing Tool Effective?

There are hundreds of different types of marketing strategies out there to help you connect with consumers, get your name out into the community, and establish your business as an authority in its field. There are two important factors to remember when you’re trying to reach more consumers: You need to be remembered, and you need to be considered a solution to the problem.

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Being Remembered

At the time that the average person hears about your product it’s extremely unlikely that they have immediate need of your services (unless you sell ice cream). In order to facilitate this you need to consider a few important factors.

Medium – Because people are lazy they won’t bother watching or reading through a lengthy description of your vision for your products, your consumers, and your company, no matter how riveting you think it may be. However if you want to be remembered you need to make sure that your business gets as much face time as possible with your prospective customer. That means you’ll need to make sure that the prospective customer is reminded of your business over and over again, so that when the time comes that they have need of your service or product they’ll already know where to go.

Logo Design – Your logo needs to be simple, eye catching, and informative. If you run a plumbing business, put a wrench in there or something. You want people who see it to make a connection between the name of your company and what you do. More importantly you want them to be able to grasp the concept in about a second, because it’s unlikely that they’ll look at it for much longer than that.

Positive Connotations

Almost equally important to maintaining constant awareness of your company is maintaining a positive image among your customer base. Ensuring that you’re perceived well is partly in, and partly out of your hands as a marketer.

First and most important is the quality of your product. If the quality of your product doesn’t match the hype then word will get around and you absolutely will lose business. In order to make this possible it’s important for marketing and sales people to give prospective customers a realistic representation of your services when doing direct sales. Go back and read that sentence again, it’s important.

The other half of this is about ethical marketing. Don’t use cold-callers, mail spam, email spam, or link spamming techniques to attempt to reach customers. This will mark you as a pushy and malevolent entity and drive away business. Additionally if you’re attempting to use link spamming as an SEO method you can be heavily penalized by major search engines. Instead work to provide useful information for your potential customers for free. Having a small non-profit section in your business that’s only job is to provide minor help to the community will help you build an image as a genuinely benevolent business.

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This guest post is contributed by Alice Jenkins, a writer, marketer and graphic designer. Whenever she can pry herself away from her favorite celebrity gossip sites, she writes about marketing, small business branding, logo design and trends in alternative fashion. Alice writes for PensXpress, an online retailer that specializes in personalized and imprinted pens.


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