Why Custom Apps Are Worth Your Marketing While

Think of the app as a cross between a website and a video game—like a browser page that is always open, but with interactive features and immediate accessibility that feels more personal because it is downloaded to users’ phones or personal computers.  Apps have several characteristics worth noting in your quest to improve the reach and efficacy of your brand or company’s marketing campaign.


Ever wonder how to increase customer engagement with your brand?  Have them engage with their fingertips—literally!  Nowadays, there are functions available on apps such as “scratch-off” layered pages that mimic a scratch-off ticket, but with swiping, instead, inviting users to investigate headers or pages they may not ordinarily look into. 

There are also features such as side bars that slide open or closed, revealing text or images that lead the user to more information in an unexpected way.  Because these features are surprising and engaging, they help customers to more easily remember and note the information presented.   


Your content will always be up to date because it is digitally renewable.  You can create new links to click on daily in order to ensure that customers remain abreast of your company’s latest offerings.  These daily offerings could come in the form of blog posts, daily discounts, or updates to your website.  If you update the landing page daily or weekly to include a recommendation to explore a new and different section of your site, customers will be more likely to use your app regularly, since they’ll be anticipating new and interesting changes they can look forward to, upon opening. 


Rather than users being required to type in the address to your website or search for it in Google, they merely need to tap the app on their phone’s desktop in order to access your information—hence greater immediacy and accessibility.  Because apps are designed to be accessed via smartphone, they provide the ultimate in convenience: they’re portable, streamlined, and designed to fit into your busy schedule. 


Apps are still relatively novel, compared to browsing the web or receiving a magazine in the mail.  If your goal is to acquire new customers, young people, in particular, are drawn to apps because they are new and different, rather than the same old, same old. 

As of 2014, the latest statistic was that “apps currently command 86% of the time that the average US mobile consumer spends on their smartphone,” according to Smart Insights.  Since data doesn’t lie, consider it in your best interest to develop an app for your brand or company as soon as you can manage!

Dennis Styers enjoys writing poetry, playing the piano, and throwing dinner parties with friends.  During the week he also writes for Walsworth Publishing. 

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