Ford Explorer Marries Traditional and Mobile Marketing with Creative Interactive Mobile Print Ads

Whoever said that print advertising will be left in the past obviously hasn’t met the folks at BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Israel. Recently, they paired up with Ford and ran a series of print advertisements in Israel that highlighted the amazing potential of print as a medium when paired with newer smart technologies. The result are three advertisements that not only send a strong message, but suggest a changing trend.

The Ads

The ads, which ran on three pages of the same local newspaper, were simple in concept. Scan the QR code on the page and see three innovative features of the new, smart, Ford Explorer. The features – Park Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control and Power Fold trunk expansion – really are best demonstrated in a visual fashion, which is what the ads were able to accomplish. By utilizing the almost ubiquitous QR scanners they were able to give everyday users an interactive viewing experience, without needing to complicate the process with excessive additional software.

So, Does Print Live On?

Let us be clear, this is far from the first time that we’ve seen this technology used by advertisers and agencies in this fashion. But, every time we see it there are notable differences in the execution of the concept, all of which have us asking the same question: Is print really dead?

With the rise of the internet came the fall of traditional print media, and as a result print marketing. Advertisers ask: isn’t it better to advertise online where you can feasibly access your audience on a variety of different websites, not just one newspaper? This might appear the obvious choice, but the overwhelming uptake of ad blockers, and the associated challenges of actually getting to your audience online, many are nostalgic for the days of print. This advertisement brings the two together, combining the undivided attention that print marketing can offer, with the innovative use of technology consumers have come to expect from online marketing.

Why It Works

The Ford Explorer ads work because they don’t just show that the product itself is innovative, by showcasing its new features, they also show that the company is innovative, giving more weight to their product by association.

The innovations on the car aren’t exactly easy to put into words, but that isn’t to say the product doesn’t speak for itself. So, in the case of the Ford Explorer, BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Israel have decided to let the car do just that. With the videos that are associated to the QR codes in the print adverts, the agency is able to literally showcase how the car performs, and the new features that make it so special.

The concept of innovation is often an abstract one, especially when it relates to the innovative potential of a company. However, the way that a company portrays itself in advertising has always been linked with their reputation. By taking this into account, the agency has been able to not only improve the reputation of Ford for its innovative potential, but better the reputation of the car simply because it was manufactured by them.

Campaigns like this one always attract attention, as they suggest that perhaps the potential of print advertising is on the rise instead of the decline. We’re not sure about that, but we’re definitely interested in what the future holds when it comes to bringing together old advertising with new technology.

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