The Mobile Advantage of Guerrilla Marketing

Ever since the concept of guerrilla marketing was coined by Jay Conrad Levinson back in 1984, the practice of using low-cost, high-exposure experimental advertising has continued to increase its popularity. Everything from graffiti bombing to flyer distribution to flash mobs has been used to receive exposure in a way that is effective and memorable without costing a lot of money.

With the drastic rise in mobile technology and usage, guerrilla marketing has shifted to take advantage of the large number of smartphone users. A PewResearch study showed that approximately 90 percent of Americans own and use a cellular phone, and about 65 percent of those users have smartphones, which have a wide variety of features that can be taken advantage of by out-of-the-box marketing geniuses. Here are just a few strategies to consider:

Bluetooth Proximity Marketing (BPM)

With the rising popularity of Bluetooth technology in cell phones, companies like BlueMagnet are starting to provide direct marketing to people that come in range of their devices. With BPM you can direct people to download software that provides them with marketing and promotional information in a very specific area. This is great for high-population events and high-traffic areas because you can tag as many people as possible in a short amount of time.

Free Wi-Fi

Companies like Starbucks are offering free Wi-Fi to anyone that comes into their location. The trick is that anyone using the free service has to first check in at their custom landing page. This forces people, at the very least, to view some information that the company wishes to show them including news and promotional information. Some companies also require people to sign in with an email address, which then puts them on an email marketing campaign as well.

Mobile Browsing

The wide variety of mobile devices has created an explosion in mobile websites, which tend to be formatted differently so as to better fit the smaller screens. To keep up to date with your mobile website, WordPress allows you to configure, modify and post information right from your cell phone or mobile device so you can make sure your content is up to date and available for all of your customers and fans.


SMS and MMS texting is quickly becoming the most popular form of communication, especially among younger people. Taking advantage of this trend, companies like Charlotte Rousse have started sending out text alerts to their customers and followers that notify them about promotions and sales. In a very successful campaign, they sent out a video text of a young man stating “I’ll give you the moon. And a $5 shopping pass. Anything to win your heart.” It was so successful that the company’s database grew by 33 percent in one weekend.

QR Codes

These two-dimensional matrix barcodes are rapidly becoming the quickest and most efficient way to transmit information to potential buyers and clients. By scanning a code on their phone, they can receive company information, websites, marketing and promotional tools and directions to various locations. A recent campaign by New York City’s Central Park captured more than 1,800 people who scanned and used the QR codes to get info and details about the famous park.

Whatever method you use to get your message out there, remember that it doesn’t have to be traditional or costly. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, and take full advantage of all the technology and accessibility that is out there.