LA Clippers Magical 3D Projection Mapping Blows Our Minds

It has been awhile since we’ve seen some amazing examples of projection mapping. I came across this example for the Los Angeles Clippers court projection and thought this was a really innovative way to get the crowds excited. Not only is the projection mapping pretty amazing, but they also integrate real objects that integrates digital with real life pretty well.

At one point the court turns into a ball pit and balls start flying out of the court. At this time, they start throwing out light up beach balls to make the projection even more interactive.

Great work from The Famous Group!

Advertising Agency / Production Company: The Famous Group, Los Angeles / New York, USA
Executive Creative Director: Greg Harvey
Executive Producer: Andrew Isaacson
Creative Director: Hemu Karadkar
Managing Director: David Kwan
Producer: Brandon Grabowski
Producer: Ben Baisden
Editor: Steve Davis
Designers/Animators: Mike Cahill, Tyler Hayward
Designers: Jose Guardado, Tin Tran
Animators: James Kim, Josh Pierce, Troy Chrisman
Live Video Capture & Editing: Steve Davis, Tony Rago
Sound Design: 740 Sound
Owner: Scott Ganary
Producer: Jeff Martin
Designer: Chris Pinkston
Court Projection: Benchmark Productions
Consultants: Chris Tardiff and Josh Bachman
Arena Support: AEG Worldwide
Director: Wade Loewe
Lighting Designer: Tad Inferrera
Music: DJ Snake, Lil Jon
LED balls: Chaos
Published: March 2015

Written by Ryan Lum

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