Real-Time Makeup Projection Mapping Is Absolutely Mesmerizing

We live in such an exciting modern world, full of new technological advances and an endless amount of potential for the future. Yet despite this, some of the most impressive advances, the kind that happen all around us, aren’t seen by the everyday audience. Maybe it’s because they’re too complex to explain, maybe it’s because people don’t think the wider audience will be interested. This is too bad, because when we see something like this product demonstration from Omote, we’re all paying attention.

The Video

Omote’s new product demonstration was more than enough to get us very excited. In the video, a model’s face is mapped by a computer, and then a variety of images are projected upon it, changing the colors and general look of her features. This hypnotic display moves from a makeup projection to her evolution into robot and a very alien-looking individual. With each new projection, the audience starts to get an idea of just how amazing Omote is.

About Omote

To fully explain just why Omote is such an amazing innovation, we thought we’d run down exactly what it is. Omote is a system combining projection mapping with motion tracking, allowing it to project computer graphics directly onto the human face. Led by Japanese artist Nobumuchi Asai, a team of CGI experts, graphic designers and makeup artists have come together to create Omote, which has the before unseen ability to project images on the face as it moves in real time.

Simplifying the Complex

If there was ever a perfect way for Omote to showcase just what their system is capable of, it is with this video. The artistic style of the system, and its creators, shine clear here, showing off the broad range of abilities that the Omote system has. What works really well in this video is that the team has taken an incredibly complicated system and simplified it with a memorable and visually engaging explanation that perfectly shows instead of tells.

Although we’re not given any insight as to what Omote’s specific technological capabilities or features are, we don’t need it. From the visual demonstration it is more than clear that this system is taking a big step forward in the field of graphic projection. This, in many ways, is more powerful than if someone was to explain to the audience exactly how Omote worked. There’s a visual magic about the video that captures our attention, and leaves us ready to take the reading and research on our own back to find out just what Omote really is.

The Potential

Another smart move by the team behind Omote is the style with which they’ve created their product demonstration. As well as giving a pretty good idea as to the innovation of Omote, they’ve really showcased how the system might be used. The ability to project on makeup, or even CGI costumes and effects, represents an enormous possibility for the film and theatre industries, and a video like this one has likely piqued the interest of everyone from actors to investors.

That being said, it’s obvious from the video that although Omote has made considerable headway in terms of real time projection, there’s a way to go. Visually there are slight errors and lags in the projection that break the video’s hypnotic spell. But instead of turning viewers away, these slight issues work to encourage us more. It tells us, unequivocally, that this is just the beginning for Omote.