5 Business Blogging Mistakes to Look Out For

For many businesses, blogging has become a vital element of their overall marketing strategy. Having a business blog can help attract more traffic to your site, thus making your site more visible on Google. In addition, blogging gives you a chance of sharing your expertise, thus positioning you as an authority in your industry. It also offers a great opportunity for connecting with your followers, industry experts and other bloggers.

However, for a business blog to be successful, the following mistakes need to be avoided:

1. Not having a business blog

The biggest mistake you can ever make is not to have a blog for your business. Or starting one and then quitting along the way. It is true that starting and running a blog is not easy. You will require a lot of creativity, perseverance and enthusiasm. Writing the perfect blog post will mean investing a significant amount of time studying your business and industry in order to create meaningful content. In addition, you will need to take time to promote your blog. However, though your blogging efforts might not produce any results immediately, you will enjoy the fruits eventually if you stick to it.

2. Being too formal

Whatever you do, don’t take your business blogging too seriously. If your content contains too much corporate jargon, you are likely to lose the attention of your readers. Therefore, put some life and personality into your writing. Use your blog to show that your business is not just a faceless entity but a group of people that is interested in helping others. Share some photos and personal details of some of your employees. Don’t forget to inject some humor into your content. Once your customers and prospects feel a connection with your company, it will be easier for them to make purchasing decisions.   

3. Selling incessantly

Just because you are running a business blog does not mean that you should always be pitching your visitors. Don’t make the mistake of constantly bombarding your audience with information about your products or services. Instead, find out what problems your customers or prospects are facing and offer advice. Read other blogs in your niche to find out what kind of business topics elicit the highest response. You can then write on related topics for your own blog. Once in a while, you could mention how your customers and prospects could benefit from using your products and services.

4. Not using images

When it comes to effective blogging, images are very important. Images make it easier for readers to understand and remember the ideas presented in your text. Besides, images will capture the attention of your blog visitors and enhance their chances of reading the content. You could post images showing how your products are made or how they work. If you want to give instructions, an infographic can be very effective. You could also decide to use cartoons or memes to inject some fun into your posts.

5. Failing to measure results

People start business blogs for different reasons. For example, some people want to grow brand awareness while others want to increase their email subscribers. Whatever your reasons, you need to monitor the results of your blogging efforts constantly. If you don’t, you will never know how well you are performing. Therefore, take time to study the analytics of your blog to find out what works and what you need to improve.   

Charles Mburugu is a webpreneur who writes for TechBlogKe. You can follow him on Twitter @techblogke

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