Moleskine Celebrates #HandWritingDay with Handwritten Tweets!

Moleskine is all about note taking and creative ideas, with its notebooks and agendas having numerous fans all over the world. In fact, they even encourage you to keep using a pen and a pencil and this was also the case during the celebration of the Handwriting Day.

National Handwriting Day is celebrated on January 23 and Moleskine decided to create an interesting campaign on Twitter, filling our feeds with actual handwritten tweets! Many people all over the world joined the #HandWritingDay, including Bruce Willis, Debra Messing and others, sending their own personal tweets,

Graphic artists, illustrators and cartoonists were more than happy to join Moleskine’s campaign, turning their creativity into handwritten tweets, leading to impressive results! However, the campaign was targeting a much wider audience, as everyone liked the idea of a handwritten tweet, trying to join in any possible way. In fact, there was also the incentive to post their work at MyMoleskine, with the most popular submissions winning a box full of writing and drawing tools by Moleskine.

It’s not very common nowadays to use a pen and a pencil anymore, with our laptops taking over most of our writing (and drawing) lately, but this doesn’t mean that people aren’t still excited to remember what it actually feels like to write down your thoughts (or tweets) in a piece of paper. Moreover, it’s also funny to consider writing down a tweet, mentioning Moleskine and using the relevant hashtags!

The campaign was successful, with the audience being emotionally attached to the idea, bringing back memories from life before computers (or at least memories from life before technology completely took over our daily lives), posting their handwritten tweets during the day with no second thoughts.

Think of it, how often do you have the opportunity to post a handwritten tweet? That’s what clever marketing is about, picking a relevant national day, creating an interesting campaign, and promoting in the way that everyone would love to join! That’s the power of thinking outside the box!


Now feel free to admire everyone’s creativity!


Written by Tereza Litsa

Social media and content manager, blogging about social media and marketing.


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