Most Common Mistakes when Dealing with Negative Comments on Social Media

Many businesses are afraid to use the social media. That is because their owners might be thinking that what they don’t know would not hurt their companies. If you do not want to hear negative comments and criticisms about your business, you may be tempted to consider the option not to use social media. But it is definitely not an advisable thing to do.

The social media can be an ideal portal to know what consumers think about your business. Even if your business still does not hold an account on any of the social networks, you may not have a guarantee that people are not talking about your company online. It is much better to be aware about how your business is perceived in the social media because you can take actions and strategies to improve your companyís image.

Are you ready to take negative comments across the social media? You should be. Try to avoid these common mistakes that are often committed by companies when dealing with negative comments from detractors and disappointed customers on social media.

Ignoring negative comments and complaints

Even the huge and major companies fail to satisfy all their customers. It is a big mistake to not even acknowledge the negative feedback your business gets from unhappy and disappointed customers especially in social media. Ignoring those rants can be among the worst possible strategies that you may have.

Be reminded of the fact that everyone has the right to complain. As soon as you receive the bad feedback, instantly acknowledge it and promise to look at the issue. That can be the first step to pacify disappointed consumers. You may apologize for any inconvenience and promise to act on the matter to correct any mistake or at least make the complaining customer feel better.

As a business, take all negative comments and complaints constructively. That means you should not just focus on the bad impact to your business. Take it as a way to further improve your products, services, or business processes. By not addressing negative comments properly, you may be giving your complaining customers reasons to further expound on the issue and spread it online.

Not acting accordingly

If you possibly can, consider taking customers requests so you can properly address their negative comments. Do whatever makes your customers happy, as long as they are right and doing so would be beneficial to your business in the long run. In instances when the negative comments are unreasonable or baseless, justify your position and clearly explain your side. Be polite throughout the process. Chances are greater that you may convert your detractors into fans.

In the end, if you think you have already exhausted every reasonable means to address the issue and he/she still insists to uphold his/her negative comments, politely concede and admit that your business may not possibly please everyone. But donít forget to assert that you are still upholding the highest quality of products and services to please consumers. After offering solutions, you may have to let the negative comments and complaints go away. Do not let those prevent you from moving on and looking at other matters raised by other customers.


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