Purdy Shows the Power of Their Product in Cool Street Painting

Purdy Paint With Accuracy Mural Campaign

Purdy puts the A in accuracy

”Everyone knows that the hardest part of painting is in the details” – the video above starts with this truthful statement. We see here how Purdy, in partnership with Deutsch, decided to paint a mural not for the sake of art, but rather to show how accurate their brushes were. The challenge: the mural was painted entirely between the cracks of the brick wall. As we can see in the video, together with the story we are shown the sheer accuracy of these Purdy products as the mural as it is getting painted.

It’s big, it’s bold and it works

The advertisement itself is very effective and creative as it shows how the brushes actually work. It’s great to show the product in action, as then the person who is buying the Purdy products will have an idea of how it works and how good is the product in its main function. It doesn’t have any confusing elements, as the person can clearly understand what the product which is being advertised is.

Purdy Paint With Accuracy Mural Campaign

The one possible downside of the campaign would be that the video they don’t tell us the location where the mural was done, and it begs the question, was that actually effective then? In urban marketing location plays a very important and even main role in a campaign, as after all, what matters about it is that people must be able to see it to then end up buying the product. If the mural is placed next to a store that sells Purdy, then that is a good idea for example since it will attract people who are going in to choose what kind of brushes they will need. On the other hand, if that’s the case they will be solely attracting people who already are going to buy brushes, which is kind of like advertising food in a supermarket – it’s effective, but one should also go ahead and think outside of the box as well, as you need to lure people into the supermarket in the first place which is why these use billboards with food placed on the highways and whatnot.

Still not brushed aside

The advertisement itself is flawless – it shows how the product works, there is no confusion on what the product is and there is even little to be said about it since everything executed well and the brand is very clearly seen on the mural. The ad also showed the work in progress as well, as it’s important to see how the Purdy brushes work in action rather than just the end result. The advertisement captured everything and even if there were downsides (the location) they were minor and do not take away from this great campaign.


Advertising Agency: Deutsch, USA
Executive Creative Director: Menno Kluin
Creative Directors: Frank Cartagena, Sam Shepherd
Project Manager: Marea Grossman
Art Director: Ilana Wolstein
Copywriter: Fanny Josefsson
Associate Design Director: Brian Gartside
Director of Print & Art Production: Sarah Manna
Designer: Belen La Rivera
Producer: Heather Black
Set Design: Latisha Duarte
Retoucher: Brian French
Editor: Aaron Schillinger
Group Account Director: Tyler Helms
Account Director: Lisa Chad
Account Supervisor: Mark Donohue


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