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    10 Amazing Projection Mapping Examples on Cars

    3D Projection mapping is undoubtedly a widely used component that makes up a guerrilla marketer’s arsenal. It’s highly engaging and has the potential to reach a very large audience. If done correctly, it can be memorable and it will definitely be shared throughout social networks. Today we take a unique look at this marketing concept […] More

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    Manhattan Bridge Comes Alive with 3D Projection Mapping

    As Above – So Below is a video mapping projection installation, conceived and created by a group of six artists, John Ensor Parker, Simon Anaya, Farkas Fulop, Johnny Moreno, Richard Jochum, & Ryan Uzilevsky. With significant sponsorship from visual production company Senovva, the artists developed a multi-perspective 3D installation that spans a nearly 30,000 square […] More

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    Transforming Architecture with 3D Projection Mapping

    “A-cero XV Aniversario” is a 3D mapping projection directed by Onionlab on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the architecture studio A-cero. The first six minutes review the three architectural lines followed by the studio throughout its 15-year history, first posing the bases of sculptural origin and finishing off with samples of the most […] More

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    Behind the Scenes of 3D Projection Mapping with Wrigley 5 Gum

    Ever considered using 3D projection mapping for your next guerrilla campaign? It’s a great way to generate a large impact and create a memorable experience for your audience. Creating a 3D projection mapping campaign can take anywhere from 1 to 6 months to plan out and execute.  This article builds on another one of our […] More

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    How to Run A 3D Projection Mapping Campaign

    We’ve always been curious about what it takes to run a 3d Projection mapping campaign. 3D projection mapping, according to Wikipedia, “is any method of mapping three-dimensional points to a two-dimensional plane.” Using this technique, video artists are able to match video to buildings that they are projecting on and create cool 3D effects,making it look as […] More

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    How a Tiny Toy Makes A Large Impression

    Hot Wheels recently did some very creative marketing, although not quite considered guerrilla marketing. Ogilvy&Mather placed large billboards along the streets of Mexico to simulate what it would be like for a child to play with hot wheel toy cars. See the most recent campaign example video below.   Agency: Ogilvy&Mather – Mexico D.F., Mexico […] More

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    5 Amazing Product Projection Mapping Examples

    A couple weeks ago we explored 12 MUST SEE Guerrilla 3D Projection Mapping Examples. Projection mapping isn’t used very often when it comes to guerrilla marketing because in some cases it could cost a lot of time and money. It might also be difficult for businesses to get permission to shoot the projection on a […] More

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    12 MUST SEE Guerrilla 3D Projection Mapping Examples

    It allows buildings to move, transform and even communicate! A new advertising phenomenon is taking the world by storm. 3d Projection Mapping allows marketers and advertisers to create surreal landscapes by projecting images on objects. As you watch these videos, notice how much buzz is created as people record and take photos of the event […] More