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    Giant Keyboard Powered By Opera Singers In The Living Piano

    Twelve notes. Twelve opera singers. One instrument. Set during the Festival d’Opéra de Québec, TFO brought opera to the streets and invited strangers to interact with a large keyboard powered by the human voice. The Living Piano is a 12-note, giant keyboard that features opera singers who sing with their corresponding notes. Each of the […] More

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    Sky Go’s Talking Windows

    Are you bored? Get Sky Go for your mobile. What would you think if you started nodding off and suddenly heard a voice in your hear? Well that’s just what this company did. Sky Go is a tv network that just released a new mobile version of their service. To promote their new offering, they placed […] More

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    Molson Beer Fridge Opens Only To Canadian Passports

    Molson Beer is bringing back the infamous tagline, “I Am Canadian”, with the help of their latest campaign conceived by the creative folk over at Rethink Toronto. The team created a unique beer fridge that only opens to Canadian passports. They then placed the fridge all throughout parts of Europe such as Canterbury, White Cliffs of Dover, […] More

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    Fashion Designers Create Coats from Motz Newspapers

    The collection is called the “Survival Collection Autumn/Winter 2014”. This ambient advertising campaign comes from Motz, a popular magazine for homeless people in the German capital. Glow agency in Berlin found some leading fashion designers to make the newspaper a little more chic. Designers from Blush, Mongrels, Liebig and Firma used Motz newspapers to dress […] More

  • SEAT Leon FR Ambient Ad

    Survive The Upcoming Mayan Apocalypse In A SEAT Leon FR

    According to the ancient mayan tribe, the end of the world is set for December 21st, 2012. The Mayan Apocalypse is coming! But that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. At least that’s the new message SEAT is sending us with their new ambient marketing advertisement. On Tuesday December 18th 2012 SEAT placed the brand […] More

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    Microsoft Windows 8 Fast & Fun Photo Slide Installation

    Microsoft is jumping into the ambient advertising game with their latest marketing campaign based in the UK for its new Windows 8 operating system. In order to promote their new product and tagline, “Fast and Fun”, they hired advertising agency, Jam, to install a giant slide in the Bluewater shopping center. The slide provides shoppers […] More

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    25+ Ambient Marketing Examples Shows That Science Can Be Fun

    The Science World museum in Vancouver, Canada in collaboration with Rethink Communications created several creative ambient advertisements to promote the fun and excitement that could be found at the museum. One of the most creative and buzz-worthy billboards was the “2oz. of gold can cover a billboard” ad. Of course you could use gold paint, but […] More

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    Guerrilla Marketing Partnerships – Learning From Microsoft

    I recently read an article about Microsoft using guerrilla marketing to promote its forthcoming Surface touchscreen tablets. The graffiti – style campaign in Chicago utilized the side of an independent car wash, a large brick wall.  The aesthetics looked great, with the brick wall providing a level of ‘guerrilla’ authenticity something I am sure Microsoft […] More

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    Ambient Marketing for Beginners

    Ambient marketing is often known as guerilla marketing, and sometimes as place-based marketing. The basic concept behind it is to catch consumers’ attention in ways that it would not normally be caught, improving the retention of the advertising message. Today’s consumers have grown very accustomed to tuning out traditional forms of advertising like newspaper and magazine ads and TV commercials. Ambient marketing could potentially help your business stand out from the crowd. More

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    IKEA Creates A Well Furnished Porta Potty

    “Let them experience our product.” That’s one of the most popular line you will hear from a client [and from an advertising agency]. Anyone working in the advertising industry would tell your that. They know that letting the customers try their product beats the hell out of showing hero shots accompanied with smart taglines. The […] More

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    Lynx Attract Causes Chaos on the Bus

    It’s true that we’ve seen some pretty creative bus advertisements that really make us stop and stare; however, nothing like this campaign by Lynx! Still using the old marketing strategy, sex sells, Lynx loads a double decker bus in London with several couples. At the opportune moment, all the couples just jump all over one another […] More

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