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    Uptime Affects Your Marketing

    You may not consider it such, but your website might be the most significant part of your marketing plan. Especially if you run an ecommerce business, your website acts as both your marketing strategy and your store window. The longer a potential customer spends on your website, the longer they’re exposed to your brand, your […] More

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    4 Ways To Use Guerrilla Marketing To Promote A Service Based Business

    What can the start up entrepreneur do to get his service based business off the ground and still keep cash flow in tow? He needs to get creative and also do some guerrilla marketing. This is perhaps the cash strapped entrepreneurs best friend during the thin start up years. However just because you don’t have […] More

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    Is Marketing in Social Games Financially Worth It?

    Marketing in social games can be an interesting prospect for businesses of all sizes, but unlike other social media investments, it can cost a substantial amount of money. Social games are incredibly popular, with about 53% of Facebook users, in particular, playing social games. When you’re talking about 53% of millions of people, that’s not […] More

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    Top 5 Excellent Ways to Increase Sales With Guerrilla Marketing

    Guerilla marketing is to come up with a marketing and promotional campaign that is creative, original, affordable and most importantly east to carry out. it is done with an intent to promise your existing customers as well as prospects only what you can provide but also giving them something more than what you committed originally to them. If all of this goes well, you will be able to drive more and more customers to your business which will eventually lead you to have increased sales and grow your brand easily. More