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    Coca Cola and JetBlue Inspire Humanity

    Coca Cola and JetBlue are all about delivering happiness through their campaigns and that’s what they did once more, this time by “inspiring a little humanity” to New Yorkers. It was just another day in Pennsylvania station, with busy passengers rushing to their destination. Some of them stopped at a vending machine to grab a […] More

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    Coca-cola Creates First Ever “Drinkable” Advertising Campaign

    Coca Cola is taking advertising to the next level, promoting Coke Zero in a sense that you wouldn’t expect! It’s not the sight, nor the sound, but the taste that is promoted on its latest campaign, creating a “drinkable billboard”! Coca Cola along with Ogilvy & Mather created an entire campaign that you can literally […] More

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    Coca-Cola Wish Booth #WishUponACoke

    Millions of us spend holidays every year in Dubai. It boasts a host of stylish & luxury apartments that has celebrity flocking. But behind this glitz and glamor there is also a dark site of Dubai. Businesses eager employees especially from South Asia come to Dubai. They worked hard for earning money so that they […] More

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    Coca-cola Gives the Ultimate Airport Gift to Travelers

    United Arab Emirates is the key country of expats destination. 2010 report disclose the most important fact that only about 16.5% of the 8.2 million are Emiratis while remaining adopted the nation as their home. The majority of expats are Indians, Pakistanis, and Philippians. Coca-Cola noticed a bitter truth about Expats- they miss their family […] More

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    Azul Airlines Gives Children A Holiday Miracle

    What we see in the video is an advertisement for Azul airlines in Brazil, a rather popular carrier, and their combined work with Coca-Cola, by the agency Geometry Global. The two companies chose a rather long flight from Salvador to Campinas and showed passengers a video of children from an orphanage talking about which gifts […] More

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    LAN, TAM and Coca-Cola Partner up and Send Messages to Loved Ones Around the World

    Very often great ads and great ideas suffer from poor presentation. Unfortunately, the ad below with LAN, TAM and Coca-Cola fell under those terms. All parties involved are all very big and important brands, particularly in South America where LAN and TAM are rooted. Breaking down the video in parts is essential for this analysis. Advertisements regularly […] More

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    Coca-Cola Machine Connects Countries & Shares A White Christmas

    Coca-Cola is a brand that truly understands happiness. This past year they decided to connect snowy Finland with tropical Singapore with a unique communication device. The digital poster allowed people from these two very different countries to connect. The poster also had a bin where the people in Finland could shovel in snow in which […] More

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    Coca-Cola Creates a Logo You Can Skate on

    Ride the Coca-Cola logo Big brands: they tend to follow usual structures which don’t differ them much from other brands, with the music and guessing on what actual brand might it be. They all follow the classic mystery line, where you have no idea what’s going on and then the world is revolutionized by either […] More

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    Coca-Cola Billboard Provides Free Wrapping Paper During Holiday Season

    In their most recent Christmas campaign, Coca Cola has teamed up with Duval Guillaume Modem to create outdoor advertising with a twist. Instead of showcasing a flat poster, as is traditionally the medium for such billboard type advertisement, Coca Cola has run a simple guerrilla marketing campaign that has proven to be very effective. Seen in […] More

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    Coca-Cola’s Mini Kiosk Is Absolutely Adorable

    Despite being an enormous multi-national, billion-dollar company, Coca-Cola has really distinguished itself with small-scale guerrilla marketing. They have prioritised the localised customer experience with a series of happiness focused stunts, which thanks to smart filming and social marketing have gone viral globally. Well, it doesn’t get much more small-scale than with one of their most […] More

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    Coca-Cola Creates The Ultimate Freshman Student Icebreaker

    The first day of school is always hard. Feeling alone, separated and lonely. It’s a time where you’re not sure where you fit and are eager to make some new friends! Enter Coca-Cola’s ‘Friendly Twist’, a refrigerator full of cold bottles of Coca-Cola with a very unique cap. The cap cannot be opened by itself. The […] More

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