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    5 Guerrilla Marketing Strategies We Hope To See In 2012 [OPINION]

    This past year we’ve seen some really creative and unique guerrilla marketing examples. New marketing strategies such as the use of QR codes, augmented reality and 3D projection mappingonly touched a small portion of what we can do as guerrilla marketers. Being that the Mayan’s prediction that the world would end in 2012, I think […] More

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    12 Inspirational Guerrilla Marketing Examples

    Today, let’s take another look at some really inspirational guerrilla marketing examples. I found that all these were very creative in their implementation and were worth posting up on the site. Below you will find 12 inspirational guerrilla marketing examples. Let us know which one is your favorite and why by commenting below!     […] More

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    45 Creative Bagvertising Examples

    Retailers are always looking for new ways to market their product. Welcome Bagvertising. This form of marketing has been around for several years and is based around the idea of using the bag as an opportunity to market to new potential customers and set up ambient advertising. Below are some really creative ambient advertising examples […] More

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    Top Car Guerrilla Marketing Examples

    Guerrilla Marketing has gone mobile for today’s article. No, we are not talking about mobile phones, but rather car guerrilla marketing! Car guerrilla marketing is a great way to start your marketing campaign. People now a days are so busy and are constantly on the move. Car Guerrilla marketing will surely make an impression! Let us know […] More

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    Marketing Like a Red Bull

    When I think of a brand that does some great unconventional marketing, I think Red Bull. Why? They own events. Take for example the Red Bull FlugTag event. A whole event that is completely all about Red Bull. The event is so genius because it is a revenue generator and it strengthens the brand. What […] More

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    Guerrilla Marketing To Obtain Your Next Job Interview

    We were recently contacted by a young man who wanted to use guerrilla marketing tactics to land his interview and ultimately his dream job. Although we tend to feature large guerrilla marketing campaign examples, we felt this was a good example on how someone with a smaller budget can effectively use guerrilla marketing to land […] More

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    25 Must See Creative Outdoor Billboard Examples

    A Billboard is a large outdoor advertising structure commonly found in high traffic areas such as alongside busy roads. A billboard is one of the best and effective way on promoting products and services specially if it looks attractive. In this post you will see some of the effective billboard designs which will get your […] More

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    15 Clever Bench Guerrilla Marketing Examples

    A bench is a bench – except when it’s also a platform for a surprising, thought-provoking, memorable advertisement that sometimes even functions as urban art. The best bench ads turn ubiquitous public furniture into interactive displays that entreat the public to get fit, go on vacation, try a new product and even conserve. District 9 […] More

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