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    What You Can Learn From Three Smart Guerrilla Campaigns

    When you’re organizing a guerrilla marketing campaign, your number 1 goal is to get attention for you or your client’s product. The very last thing you want is a problem that derails the entire campaign or, worse yet, attracts negative attention. For example, a campaign that failed to secure the proper permits before starting or […] More

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    Creative Examples of Guerrilla Marketing

    With today’s oversaturation of advertisements and marketing, you need something really creative to catch people’s attention. Guerilla marketing seeks to be subversive, new and interesting, taking advertisements away from traditional expectations into something really interesting. These examples of creative guerilla marketing show how thinking outside the box can capture the attention of even the most […] More

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    What Makes a Marketing Tool Effective?

    There are hundreds of different types of marketing strategies out there to help you connect with consumers, get your name out into the community, and establish your business as an authority in its field. There are two important factors to remember when you’re trying to reach more consumers: You need to be remembered, and you […] More

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    Great QR code campaign Portugal

    The idea was simple; Launch a QR code, one of the most innovative technologies of the 21st century, made by Portuguese cobblestones, one of the most ancient Portuguese traditions. From the fusion between technology and historical traditions a new and innovative way was born to promote Portugal abroad and to provide relevant cultural content for […] More

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    The Passage Helps The Homeless via Guerrilla Marketing

    Sometimes all it takes is a simple message and the right execution. The Passage is an organisation in London, UK with the mission to help the homeless. In order to get the word out about their organisation and encourage donations, they had volunteers stand in Victoria station with several clever cardboard signs. The agency chose […] More

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    25+ Ambient Marketing Examples Shows That Science Can Be Fun

    The Science World museum in Vancouver, Canada in collaboration with Rethink Communications created several creative ambient advertisements to promote the fun and excitement that could be found at the museum. One of the most creative and buzz-worthy billboards was the “2oz. of gold can cover a billboard” ad. Of course you could use gold paint, but […] More

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    Let Your Business Spread Like Wildfire In The Internet Through Viral Marketing

    Viral marketing is a new term that first flourished in the internet around the 90s. Although it is derived from viruses which are something people definitely avoid getting at all costs, our technology savvy generation is informed of its meaning due to constant exposure. Older folks should be more familiar with its predecessor, the word […] More

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    Guerrilla Marketing Partnerships – Learning From Microsoft

    I recently read an article about Microsoft using guerrilla marketing to promote its forthcoming Surface touchscreen tablets. The graffiti – style campaign in Chicago utilized the side of an independent car wash, a large brick wall.  The aesthetics looked great, with the brick wall providing a level of ‘guerrilla’ authenticity something I am sure Microsoft […] More

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    How Augmented Reality is Changing the Marketing Field

    It’s all in the name. Augmented Reality (AR) is really supposed to improve your reality, make your experience things you definitely can’t in reality. That’s is the charm of AR. It gives products the chance to fulfil the fantasies of consumers. ARWorks is an AR agency who specializes in using AR  as a marketing tool. […] More

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    20 Jaw-Dropping Street Art Examples

    As always, we are addicted to street art. Why? It’s low cost but can have a big impact. It’s creative. It’s fun. It’s unique. Although this form of art has been increasingly been adopted for use in advertising; it still remains a label often associated with artists who wish to keep their work unaffiliated and […] More

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    Delite-O-Matic Vending Machine Tests How Far You’ll Go For Fantastic Delites

    It’s not that your product is so good that people will do anything to have it. It’s just that people are always looking for an excuse to do silly things because silliness makes them happy and people like being happy. That’s one of the many things that many brands still don’t get about customers. It’s […] More

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