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    4 Amazing Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns

    If you really want to make an impact, guerrilla marketing could be the best way to go. It’s one of the most popular marketing techniques out there, and if your guerrilla ad works it could just give your brand the interest it needs. Everything from flash mobs to sticker bombing stunts has been carried out […] More

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    Lynx’s World Record Giant Group Shower

    “One man. One gigantic shower. One botter of Lynx shower gel and 152 beachgoers.” Lynx, well-known for their sex-sells advertising campaigns broke a record with their giant shower stunt. On August 13th, 2011 in Bournemouth Beach, England, the company set a world record for the most people showering together. “The people of Bournemouth have to […] More

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    MEXX Guerilla Event For New Shop In Zürich

    Mexx, a woman’s clothing store, is opening a new store in Zürich, Switzerland. With the help of marketing agency hipeak BTL, they ran a street guerrilla marketing campaign in which they pulled people off the street for a small challenge. The agency hired several people to wear shirts with letter on them and the challenge for […] More

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    Coke Zero Brings Out The 007 In You

    For an exclusive change to win tickets to the new 007 movie, Skyfall, Coke Zero placed a unique vending machine that was activated by people buying Coke Zero. The moment the person accepts the mission, the challenger is shown a countdown timer with only 70 seconds on the clock. The mission is to get to […] More

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    7 Nontraditional Ads for Small Spaces

    When you think about guerrilla marketing, what do you think about? Probably something low-cost, unconventional, and localized. Something that you know will make a big splash on a small budget. Guerrilla marketing is all about targeting your dollars to a great, attention grabbing, headline making, “gotta see it” campaign. The specific campaign your company uses […] More

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    Wonderbra’s Sexy Ad Decoder App Allows You To See What’s Under The Dress

    Lingerie company, Wonderbra, just released a sexy new mobile campaign that allows certain users to see what’s under the dress. Wonderbra in the UK’s new Decoder app allows people to see underneath their sexy model’s clothing to see the bodacious bras beneath. Their new ‘Decoder’ app allows users to ‘Decode’ print ads, outdoor and even […] More

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    42 Adverts That Break The 4th Wall

    Let’s face it, most adverts are desperately boring. They cling to the perceived rules of advertising and don’t stray from the accepted formats. We’ve all seen a normal billboard advert millions of times, why not add some spice? But every so often a maverick arrives, blazing a trail of originality and defiance. We celebrate those […] More

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    Free Grolsch Beer Interactive Ad Campaign

    BMB Agency created a fun and interactive experience that truly brings the user into the picture. The agency created an interactive online video and mobile experience for beer company Grolsch. They introduced the concept via a TV commercial that invited viewers to continue the mystery plot via computer. The online experience asks the user to text […] More

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    Using Publicity As A Creative Guerilla Marketing device

    Coverage is an important and frequently disregarded tool of creative selling; plus a more cost-effective method of achieving the target audience than marketing. Using the inherent third-party certification of the press suggested in every content history, a reports or feature content in a very magazine, newspaper, or on TV or stereo, is a much more […] More

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