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    Why Animals Make Excellent Spokespersons

    What would you think if someone random walked into your building and gave you a pet frog? Well that’s just what agency Red Pepper did to help change the perception for one of their clients. Vatel, a French restaurant in Russia, was having the hardest time trying to get customers. This was because people in […] More

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    5 Guerrilla Marketing Strategies We Hope To See In 2012 [OPINION]

    This past year we’ve seen some really creative and unique guerrilla marketing examples. New marketing strategies such as the use of QR codes, augmented reality and 3D projection mappingonly touched a small portion of what we can do as guerrilla marketers. Being that the Mayan’s prediction that the world would end in 2012, I think […] More

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    Kickstart Your Guerilla Marketing Efforts

    Kickstarter is an incredibly innovative funding platform that harnesses the power of the masses to take good ideas global. The platform itself is brilliant in its simplicity—anyone can use it. All you need is a creative idea and a SMART goal to take that idea to the next level. Fill out the application, set the […] More

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    13th Street “Stationery of Horror” Creative Advertising Campaign

    13th Street Universal is a television channel specialising in action and suspense shows and movies. In the guerrilla marketing community, they are known as the company that has really interesting and sometimes disturbing advertising campaigns. We recently saw their 13th Street Bowling Heads Campaign and was quite thrilled to see they are sticking to their guns and came out with this interesting […] More

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    4 Creative Ways to Put Useless Knowledge to Use

    Did you know that the average person requires 12-15 sips to finish a standard, 12-ounce beverage? Or that two of the most used items in a hotel room are the TV remote and the glassware? Did you know that individuals attending a baseball game say they forget their sunglasses the most? How about that the […] More

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    20 Creative Ambient Ads for Your Inspiration

    Here are some really creative examples of ambient advertising / outdoor marketing. Some of these are more extreme than others; however, they are all really interesting examples of creative advertising. “Ambient advertisements are effective means at pushing a brand message in front of consumers and can develop even better top of mind recall within target […] More

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    ‘Clue’ Into Guerrilla Marketing

    Imagine walking onto the subway to see a man holding a large knife, yikes! Good thing it’s not a real knife, but a plastic knife attached to the holding rail. “Everyone’s a suspect” Below are some very witty and creative examples of a guerrilla marketing campaign for the famous murder muster game, Clue. Created by […] More

  • Sprayglo Scratch Sticker Ambient Marketing

    Scratch Simulating Stickers Save You Money

    Imagine coming back from a quick errand to find your brand new car scratched! You quickly check the windshield to see if the culprit left a note. Nada! Upon examining the scratch in closer detail, you notice this is no ordinary scratch. It’s actually a coupon from Sprayglo® Auto Refinishing and Body Repair! I’ve always […] More

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