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    Live Performance Storytelling Using Projection Mapping

    One of the best tools in the marketers toolkits is the ability to tell a great story. One creative way to make the story stand out and be unique is to use projection mapping! A Dandypunk combines a live performance piece and projection mapping to create this ‘magic show’ of sorts. By using real life […] More

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    Nissan’s Projection Mapping on Water

    Innovation the excites, that’s what Nissan is supposed to be all about. Based on their latest marketing stunt, they seem to know exactly what they are talking about. The Technology It’s projection mapping but it’s projection mapping like you have never seen before. Projection mapping may still be considered young but it is already one […] More

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    EXTREME Projection Mapping on a Snowboard Mountain

    I could almost hear the brand manager of the clothing line Inhabitant saying “I want to create the biggest fashion show for a winter collection. How do we do that?” The Creative Director of Eness goes, “Oh, that’s easy. Let’s color a mountain.” That’s Exactly What They Did Using a snow mapping software, Inhabitant and […] More

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    Intel 3D Ultrabook 2012 Projection Mapping Tour

    Due to last year’s success of the Intel Visibly Smart Experience 2011 (Dresden, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg), Intel has decided to collaborate again with agency Visual Drugstore to promote the new 2012 Intel Ultrabook 3D-Tour. With 8 locations in total, the premiere will take place in Hamburg starting at 22:00 on April 28th, 2012, where renowned visual […] More

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    Projection Mapping for ‪Guimarães ‬2012

    As impressive as 3D projection mapping may be, it’s quickly losing its appeal. Everything that becomes common is expected to lose its value. Throw in 3D projection mapping as a proposal to any client and you can expect immediate rejection or insurmountable skepticism. Using Technology Properly But then there are shows like “Tempo de Econtros” during […] More

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    Real-time Projection Mapping Will Blow You Away

    We’ve seen a lot of projection mapping examples over the past couple months, but this one was quite unique and a pleasure to see. This projection mapping example was done for the Sony Playstation 3 by Marshmallow Laser Feast. The company consists of a network of artists, designers, animators, directors, architects, engineers, programmers and musicians. […] More

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    Behind the Scenes of 3D Projection Mapping with Wrigley 5 Gum

    Ever considered using 3D projection mapping for your next guerrilla campaign? It’s a great way to generate a large impact and create a memorable experience for your audience. Creating a 3D projection mapping campaign can take anywhere from 1 to 6 months to plan out and execute.  This article builds on another one of our […] More