KLM’s Dedicated Canine Lost & Found Service Is The Cutest Thing Ever

Nothing is worse than losing something on your flight. Trying to locate a lost item often times seems impossible! That’s why KLM decided to do something about it, in a very unique and adorable way.

At the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, KLM is on a mission to reunite lost items with their owner. Often times, it’s almost impossible to return the item as a lot of items don’t have any identification on them whatsoever. KLM decided to come up with the idea of getting an adorable little pup with a keen nose to help solve this problem.

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Should a flight attendant discover a lost item, they will call in Sherlock, the lost and found pup, to sniff out and find the original owner.

After watching this video, you might even consider ‘accidentally’ losing an item on the flight over to Amsterdam just to visit this heroic little dog.

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Written by Ryan Lum

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