Motocross Legend Rides Motorcycle on Open Roller coaster Track in Red Bull Stunt

Red Bull is known for some of the most daring and amazing stunts we’ve ever seen. Everything from the Red Bull Stratos jump to building BMX ramps on moving trucks. They’ve been a brand we’ve come to know and love as owning the extreme sports scene. In their most recent stunt they got French moto trials legend Julien Dupont to ride a roller coaster track .Red Bull shows no signs of slowing down and are completely dominating the extreme sports marketing.

In this daring stunt, Julien takes his moto trials bike and takes it on one of the world’s most terrifying wooden roller coasters, the Montaña Rusa at La Feria de Chapultepec amusement park in Mexico City.

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The roller coaster is a 1.2km long track and is absolutely terrifying if you’re not in an actual roller coaster cart. To make it even more intense, they added a couple jumps where Julien did several flips on his bike.

“Now I feel better, for sure,” said an elated Dupont afterwards. “This morning, I was very nervous because I’m not used to riding this kind of stuff. It was the sickest ride ever!”

Keep it up Red Bull. This stuff is insane!

the-french-biker-reached-up-to-33m-off-the-ground “where-the-impossible-becomes-possible” dupont-performed-two-backflips-on-the-structure

Video and photos via Red Bull

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