Old Spice Just Created Their Weirdest Commercial To Date

Old Spice has a very interesting and effective approach to marketing, be weird. They have spokespeople such as Terry Crews flexing and creating a nice beat to men riding unicorns while wearing nothing but a towel. The Old Spice marketing approach is very simple, but they just lost it.

In their most recent advertisement, they feature a outdoorsman and a bunch of other random events that don’t make any sense. They are really trying to amplify being strange and unconventional…and weirdly it’s working.

It’s been over 6 years since the more famous campaigns with Isaiah Mustafa and Terry Crews. This campaign outdoes itself with the help of video artist Nick DenBoer to create this nightmare of an advertisement. The advertisement was created as a remix to the two original advertisements.

[ via Adweek ]

Written by Ryan Lum

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