Pandora Shows Us How All Mothers Are Unique

Pandora, one of the world’s largest jewelry brands, wanted to run a very unique experiment in preparation for Mother’s day. They wanted to show that the bond between a mother and a child is very unique, so they decided to create “The Unique Connection.”

A mother’s scent, touch, smile, and everything about her is very unique. To put this to the test, they gathered 6 women and their children and performed a small test. They lined up each of the mothers and put a blindfold on the children. The experiment was to see if the child, without being able to see, could identify their mother in the lineup.

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One by one, each blindfolded child went up to the line of mothers and was asked to identify their mother. Each mother watched anxiously as they watched their children carefully search.

The video shows us that the child can actually identify their mother based on other senses. It’s truly touching to emphasize the bond between parent and child. Pandora does a wonderful job showing that Mother’s are very unique and they did a wonderful job releasing the video just in time for Mother’s day.

Results: The video has been viewed on YouTube over 15.6 million times and over a half a million Facebook shares.

Written by Ryan Lum

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