Whiskas Opens An Absolutely Adorable “Kitten Kollege”

Cats, especially kittens, were always a favorite subject for the Internet world and it feels that we never run out of cute, funny and interesting cat videos on Youtube. Whiskas seems to know how to grab our attention!

Whiskas UK has decided to open the “Kitten Kollege”, a Youtube channel that addresses any cat lover that wants to learn more about their favourite pet, so they decided to promote it with a series of funny and clever videos.

Whiskas Opens "Kitten Kollege"

The Kitten Kollege campaign was created along with the agency AMV BBDO, in collaboration with Google and Mediacom, featuring content that was developed with College Humor. In the first video, which marked the launch of the Youtube channel, we are introduced to the idea of the Kitten Kollege, which is proud to be at ‘the forefront of feline education’, focusing on the academic, athletic and artistic development of the kittens. A series of funny (and adorable) moments begins, along with funny lines about the cats learning about the ‘string theory’ and ‘thinking outside of the box’, while they also study literature, such as Cat-22, The Prince of Persian and the works of Katka.

Whiskas Opens "Kitten Kollege"

The campaign uses the phrase ‘long live curiosity’ as a way to remind us how the adorable kittens grow up while playing, mentioning, of course, that they also need the right nutrition to stay healthy. Thus, Whiskas achieves the right brand exposure in a very appealing campaign, which boosts their brand’s social status even more by the fact that the Youtube channel offers 12 videos from the Kitten Kollege series, reminding to the rest of the brands that additional content for a campaign is always a good idea.

Whiskas Opens "Kitten Kollege"

What’s even more important is the fact that the focus of the campaign was the mobile audience, with Whiskas knowing that mobile audience that consumes content is growing and virality may be easier, especially when the content will also appear on YouTube, Facebook, College Humor and the Whiskas website.

It’s the right combination of kittens, humour and educational content about cat lovers that turns the idea into a success, with Whiskas UK counting the video views, increasing their Youtube followers, but also boosting their brand’s awareness. What else do you need through a campaign?



Advertising Agency: AMV BBDO, London, UK
Creative Directors: Alex Grieve, Adrian Rossi
Copywriter: Rob Messeter
Art Director: Mike Crowe
Agency Planners: Ila De Mello Kamath, Niamh Power
Agency Account Man: Oliver Clark, Richard Moloney, Chris Cannell, Ben Blackall
Agency Producers: Selina Dey, Edwina Dennison
Media Agency: MediaCom
Media Planner: Matt Delaney
Production Company: College Humour / AMV Flare
Directors: Matt Enlow, Simon Freidberg
Producer: Kate Grady
Post-production Company / Audio Post-production / Digital Design Company: College Humour

Written by Tereza Litsa

Social media and content manager, blogging about social media and marketing.

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