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    Brazilian Symphony Orchestra Gets Kids Interested in Classical Music with Interative iPad App

    Many kids nowadays are not familiar with the appeal of classical music and this observation turned into a challenge for the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra. It has been noticed that the majority of the Brazilian Symphonic Orchestra’s audience is older than 65 years old, and that’s how they decided that it’s time to attract a younger […] More

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    Mad Men: How Careers in Advertising Have Changed

    It is remarkable to note how technology is affecting the focus of advertising these days. Within the last five to ten years the marketing behavior of consumers has changed greatly and advertising executives are rushing to keep pace with new technology and improving programs. Here are several ways technology’s influence on consumer behavior is changing […] More

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    Why Custom Apps Are Worth Your Marketing While

    Think of the app as a cross between a website and a video game—like a browser page that is always open, but with interactive features and immediate accessibility that feels more personal because it is downloaded to users’ phones or personal computers.  Apps have several characteristics worth noting in your quest to improve the reach […] More

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    Ford Explorer Marries Traditional and Mobile Marketing with Creative Interactive Mobile Print Ads

    Whoever said that print advertising will be left in the past obviously hasn’t met the folks at BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Israel. Recently, they paired up with Ford and ran a series of print advertisements in Israel that highlighted the amazing potential of print as a medium when paired with newer smart technologies. The result are […] More

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    Malaysia “A Minute of Silence” Mobile Campaign

    If you’re Malaysian, 2014 has been a seriously challenging year. With the MH370 tragedy occurring in early March, and the devastating MH17 crash occurring in mid-July, the entire country has been in a state of shock and mourning. It seems like exactly the kind of topic that most agencies would shy away from focusing on, […] More

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    The Mobile Advantage of Guerrilla Marketing

    Ever since the concept of guerrilla marketing was coined by Jay Conrad Levinson back in 1984, the practice of using low-cost, high-exposure experimental advertising has continued to increase its popularity. Everything from graffiti bombing to flyer distribution to flash mobs has been used to receive exposure in a way that is effective and memorable without […] More

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    Using Digital Coupons to Draw in Customers

    Outside of active advertising through commercials, billboards, or other physical means and word of mouth, one of the arguably best forms to draw customers to your store is through coupons. The constantly shifting modern economy has made consumers a little more wary about where they spend their money. They like to feel like they are […] More

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    The world’s smallest Tesco

    We feel like we should preface this by saying that even the best ideas can be ruined by sub-standard execution. And unfortunately in an age when some of the brightest marketing minds are achieving the most viral reach thanks to the internet, those people not doing so well are immediately obvious to their more switched-on […] More

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    How To Use Mobile Marketing To Increase Retention

    You’ve done your job and convinced the customer to complete the transaction. Now how do you keep them coming back for more? Here are simple ways you can leverage mobile marketing to develop a cost efficient, and impactful, retention strategy. Know when to push — and when to pull back “Push messaging” by way of […] More

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    Unconventional Apps: Mobile Marketing Examples

    Whether you run a mom-and-pop store or a sprawling retail enterprise, integrating mobile apps into your business’ marketing strategy is a smart move. Since most apps don’t do much beyond wrap a mobile browser in app form and take users to a mobile Website, designing an innovative app is an easy way to make your […] More

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    7 Dos and Don’ts of Mobile App Marketing

    Mobile usage has been on the rise in the past couple of years.  There has also been a huge rise of mobile application development to fill the need of consumers. Did you know: Mobile web browsing accounted for 30% of all web traffic in 2012 and is expected to account for 50% by 2014. (Nucleus […] More

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