Coca-Cola Gets Festive with Share a Coke Campaign This Holiday Season

If you’ve bought a Coke recently, you’ve probably noticed the Share a Coke campaign where on the sides of Coca-Cola bottles is a name of a person to share the Coke with. This year Coca-Cola isn’t releasing a new Christmas commercial for the U.S. market but instead opting to use the“Make Someone Happy” campaign from last year. They will also roll out holiday-themed bottle names as an extension to their popular “Share a Coke” campaign.

The new holiday bottles will encourage people to share a Coke with “Santa,” “Someone Nice,” “Someone Naughty,” “Under the Mistletoe,” “Elves,” “Secret Santa”, “Mrs. Claus”, “Dasher & Dancer,” “Prancer & Vixen”, and “Comet & Cupid.”

Happy Holidays!

coke-holiday-packaging-1 coke-holiday-packaging-4b coke-holiday-packaging-6 coke-holiday-packaging-8 coke-holiday-packaging-10

Written by Ryan Lum

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