40 Amazingly Creative Double Page Magazine Ads

Sometimes all it takes is a little creativity. Although considered a more traditional form of advertising, marketers continue to use magazine advertisements to get their message out. The only problem is how to actually be seen? Magazines advertisements can comprise over 30% of the actual publication. [source]

That’s where a little creativity comes into play. By thinking outside the fold, marketers have found ways to make readers take a second glance at these ads. Take a look at 40 amazingly creative double page magazine ads and let us know which one would make you stop and take a second look!

1. Adidas: Forever Sport

Advertising Agency: Unknown


2. WMF Knives

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Bangkok, Thailand


3. DHL International Courier Service

Advertising Agency: Shanghai J&J Advertising Co., China


4. Ikea: Sliding Doors

Advertising Agency: 303, Perth, Australia

5. Wonderbra: Magazine



6. Brazilian Bikinis: Ribbon


7. Viasat: I’d Do Anything For Money

“I’d do anything for money. The game show where pain equals cash.”

(Advertising Agency: Le Bureau, Stockholm, Sweden)


8. Clinique: Lashes

Advertising Agency: WE Marketing Group, Shanghai, China


9. Tide: Put Stains Back Where They Belong

Post it glue was used to give the impression that icecream and tomato sauce from a hotdog had stuck to the shirts of people on the opposite page. By the time the page was opened however the stains were back on the icecream and hotdog.


(Advertising agency: Leo Burnett Mumbai)


10. Hawaiian Tropic: Enjoy The Sun

Advertising Agency: Grey, Stockholm, Sweden

11. SulAmerica Health Insurance: Torn

“SulAmerica prevents you from doing the same with the resources of your company.”

Advertising Agency: MPM Advertising, Brazil


12. Depilatory Strips: EPILDOU

Advertising Agency: Lg2, Quebec, Canada


13. Arcor: Bubble Gum

18 Most Creative Double Page Magazine Ads Design

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Sao Paulo, Brazil


14. NHA Xinh Furniture

18 Most Creative Double Page Magazine Ads Design

Advertising Agency: Grey Group, Hochiminh City, Vietnam

15. Repromed: Don’t Waste Your Sperm

Jamshop has created a cheeky DM piece to complement their existing national print and online campaign in an effort to recruit sperm donors for Repromed, Australia’s leading infertility clinic. Unsuspecting potential candidates received the popular men’s magazine FHM, only to discover that some pages appeared stuck together. Blokes were lured into pulling the sticky pages apart, revealing a full page pic of an attractive lingerie model and a message. An interactive website linking back to Repromed challenged the men to see if they had the “goods” to become an eligible sperm donor.

Advertising Agency: Jamshop, Adelaide, Australia

16. Garmastan: Nipple

It’s a print ad for maternity magazine. The double splead portrays a breastfeeding woman and her baby. Two pages are glued together. One you tear them off of each other, the baby’s mouth tears off the nipple, thus demostrating how painful breastfeeding can be, unless you can use Garmastan lotion.


Advertising Agency: Milk, Lithuania

17. Conto Barriers – Lift

“Your Life can turn in a second.”

20 Most Creative Double Page Magazine Ads

18. Suzuki Grand Vitara: Rolling Stone

What’s behind of every successful person? On the cover of the entertainment magazines, some famous or successful always appears. But we can’t afford these people. so we use the back covers of the magazines to create the illusion with exact body doubles to find out: What is behind of every great man? The answer was the concept of the campaign: “Behind every great man there is a Grand Vitara SZ”


18 Most Creative Double Page Magazine Ads Design

19. Macbook Pro

“Ultra Thin”



20 Most Creative Double Page Magazine Ads


Advertising School: SVA New York, USA


20. Crush: Class

There is another way.

18 Most Creative Double Page Magazine Ads Design

21. Bic Soleil Clic

“The safety razor that follows your shapes.” 

Advertising Agency: Dragster, Gothenburg, Sweden

 22. Seat Ibiza Cupra: Wheel

20 Most Creative Double Page Magazine Ads


23. Styx Underwear

STYX underwear: only time Styx Underwear for men has a special character – offers a unique design that ensures that no part of the cloth will get entangled, in the middle of a man’s rear end (buttocks).


24. Triumph

25. McDonald’s: Extra Large Coffee

Advertising Agency: DDB, Stockholm, Sweden


26. Greenpeace: Tree

“Deforestation continues with the turn of a page”

Advertising Agency: LINKSUS, Beijing, China

27. Revlon: Root Perfect

“No brush. No hassle. No roots in just 10 easy minutes.”

Advertising Agency: Martin|Williams, Minneapolis, USA

28. Sunsilk

29. Hombre Magazine

The double page spread was glued together and had to be forced apart to see the ad.


Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Buenos Aires, Argentina


18 Most Creative Double Page Magazine Ads Design

31. Miradent Dental Floss

Advertising Agency: Philipp und Keuntje, Hamburg, Germany

32. Project: AHON

The project shows how a donation for building homes for typhoon victims also helps the advertiser through Project AHON. Media owners gave discounted rates for ad spaces, advertisers paid full price, and the difference was given to Red Cross.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Guerrero \ Proximity, Philippines

33. TV 6 – I’d Do Anything For Money

20 Most Creative Double Page Magazine Ads

34. BR Petrobras Oil – Victory

“Turn this page from right to left several times. Now you know how our pilots feel when they reach the finish line.”

20 Most Creative Double Page Magazine Ads


35. National Association for the Blind: Donate eyes, magazine cut-out

The ad appears on two consecutive facing page of the magazine. The first page shows a cute smiling girl. The second page has the photograph of an old woman. When readers turns the page, he/she realizes that the girl’s eyes are actually the old woman’s eyes. He/she also sees the message, “Donate” and logo of National Association for the Blind on second page. Thus, driving home the point in a very simple, endearing and effective manner.


18 Most Creative Double Page Magazine Ads Design


36. Conto Barriers: Lift

Your Life can turn in a second.


18 Most Creative Double Page Magazine Ads Design

Advertising Agency: FNL Communications, Sydney, Australia


37. Samsung TV

38. Shikun & Binui Solaria

“Look at the page facing the sun light. And see how you can benefit from it.” (Advertising Agency: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi, Tel Aviv, Israel)

39. Subaru Forester: King Of The Hills

Advertising Agency: JWT, Tel Aviv, Israel


40. Hawaiian Tropic

Advertising Agency: Grey, Stockholm, Sweden

Written by Ryan Lum

Ryan Lum is the founder and editor of Creative Guerrilla Marketing. He is passionate about creative marketing, social media and design. Connect with him on LinkedIn,Twitter or Google+


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