Oreo Uses Twitter to 3D Print Custom Cookies at #SXSW

SXSW is an opportunity to learn from some of the brightest minds in various industries from around the world. It’s an annual music, film and interactive conference held in Austin, Texas. It also happens to be a popular event to try some fun and engaging marketing campaigns!

At South by Southwest Interactive, vending machines will listen to Twitter trends to 3D print Oreo cookies. These 3D-printed Oreos are still completely edible and are assembled within two minutes, allowing participants to choose from over a dozen varieties.

Follow the trend via the twitter hashtag #eatthetweet

[via Adweek]


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  1. For anyone who is thinking of doing something similar, we built the SXSW Oreo venue out of shipping containers at boxmanstudios.com – and we work with brands all over North America doing similar things. Our focus is in creating impactful immersion experiences for clients who want to attract and engage their audience in the field. And because we’re mobile, we do it better than anyone. So yeah – give us a holler when you want to do something great like this.

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