Delicates and Regulars Battle It Out In LG’s Outdoor Advertising Campaign

LG Twin Wash Divide And Conquer Golden Globe Awards

Floating clothes which emerge from the night city streets and eventually get into a fight! Of course, this is all courtesy of LG and the agency Hill Holiday.

History repeats itself

The clothes are divided into two groups: delicates and regulars. The voice-over says they have never managed to get along properly, which is true, considering that we always wash them separately and strictly follow this division (most of the time, of course). Then the fight abruptly stops and a woman is seen putting the clothes into the washing machine. We see here a washing machine which has two departments – because of this, you can now wash two sets of clothes at the same time and stop this division once and for all.

Fresh advertising

The advertisement is very good and powerful because it visualizes things and uses a metaphor for the clothes not getting along through fighting. It shows that there has always been rivalry to get into the washing machine as well, as we always had to make awfully hard choices and actually pick whether we want the regulars or the delicates to be washed first and frankly one always had to suffer. It also shows a woman doing the laundry, to show the viewer something they can relate to since she struggles with the same daily tasks they do. The setting of home also emphasizes the familiarity of this situation.

Small stains

The downside of the ad would be that perhaps that LG could have shown the logo more often, or at least have made what’s going on far more obvious. One can argue that the element of surprise is good too, as it keeps the viewer hooked and trying to understand what is the catch of the action. Another positive element here is the the linear and straightforward storyline which the video offers in the end, as it has a plot and a story to tell the viewer, keeping them even more entertained and invested in what is going on.

The load

Overall this is a great advertisement that is very efficient, straight to the point with its ending, has a great story which makes sense and will attract the viewer. It has very little downsides and even then one could said it worked in their favor. The only thing we can pick on is that we don’t know what the impact on sales were, so we don’t see the effects of the advertisement to the point of answering the question: was the campaign successful? However, that is for LG and the marketing agency to know and for us to guess. The campaign is very well done as well and was very thoroughly worked on.

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