Follow Coca-Cola’s Amazing Unconventional Marketing Efforts!

Follow Coca-Cola’s Amazing Unconventional Marketing Efforts!


Coca-Cola trademark bottle and cursive script are canny marketing devices that have maintained Coca-Cola's pre-eminenceOne of my favorite brands is Coca-Cola. Why? They understand how to connect with the heart. I’ve been following their marketing campaigns and each one continues to ‘WOW’ me. They spend their marketing dollars by giving back to the people and create a stronger relationship with their audience by various unconventional marketing efforts.

The viral nature of one of their recent marketing efforts, the happiness machine, seemed to encourage and continue their mantra of “spreading happiness.”

Lets put it in a timeline.

Early 2010 – Coca-Cola Happiness Machine strikes in the United States and London.

Early 2011 – Coca-Cola Happiness Truck roams streets of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

The Coke truck roamed the streets and enticed onlookers to push the “red button” and get a special gift. The reward varied from a beverage to a surfboard. It’s all about spreading happiness

April 2011 – Coca-Cola Continues to spread happiness with Friendship Machine

Coca-Cola Company created a large vending machine that had a two for one deal at the very top, forcing friends to give each other a boost

May 2011 – Coca-Cola Releases traffic tension by creating an outdoor theater

Coca-Cola found a very busy street that was always packed with traffic and decided to release the tension of being stuck in traffic by making it a pleasurable experience. They set up a large projector and hand delivered soda and popcorn to those who were stuck in the traffic.

May 2011 – Coca-Cola Celebrates 125 years with large projection

This is a very large scale example of what you can achieve with a building and an empty canvas. It’s definitely exciting to see such a large brand take on these very unconventional marketing efforts. It’s refreshing and unique. Let’s see if PepsiCo can keep up!

Which of these is your favorite and why?

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  1.  Very nice! It made me drop my jaw! It’s my first time watching these videos. Amazing! No wonder Coca Cola has been consistently booming through the years. Their marketing campaigns are not just creative but  they indeed connect to the heart. Coca Cola does not fail to inspire all other entrepreneurs in the world, including me.. :)

  2. I love the Friendship Machine. It’s such a simple yet great idea!

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  4. Coca Cola always does it big. I got to witness the filming of their latest South African campaign, dope.

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  8. I like this idea because its simple. simple is beautiful.

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