Coca-Cola’s New ‘Hug Machine’ Takes Hugs Not Money

Coca-Cola is one of the few valuable brands that have successfully changed their slogans regularly and still manage to maintain the same brand identity and brand value. From it’s “Always Coca-Cola” to “It’s the Real Thing” to their most current, “Open Happiness”, they have always maintained a family-friendly wholesome image.

Open Happiness

Their most current campaign rides on the idea that happiness could be contagious. Their very successful Happiness Machine inspired an international roll out.

See video below.


Hug Me Machine

The Hug Me vending machine is an adaptation of the Happiness vending machine. The vending machine looks like a regular vending machine but it as the words “Hug Me” in front. Anyone who will hug the machine gets a free can of Coke.

This is a brainchild of Ogilvy & Mather Singapore and will eventually be rolled out internationally.

The idea is surprise people by delivering happiness in the most unexpected places and time while keeping it innovative.


The Power of Social Network

The reaction of has been unbelievable. At one point, there was a group of friends who hugged the machine at the same time. In the process, they hug each other too.

That is exactly the reaction that Coca-Cola is gunning for. They want customers to establish an emotional connection with their brand but they also want their brand to inspire customers to establish a relationship with each other.

What Made it Successful

The strategy is nothing new. They used “Random Acts of Kindness” as a viral strategy. It is the act of providing immediate gratification after a simple act is performed. The required act, in this campaign, is the hugging. The reward is a free can of Coke.

It is actually a “promo”. However, it doesn’t have a purchase requirement which makes it appear noble. The hug is the substitute for the purchase.

This is one of those campaigns that prove you don’t need to give away millions of pesos to establish a connection with your customers.

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Written by Xath Cruz

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