3 Viral Marketing Lessons Learned From The Red Bull Stratos Jump

Today a world record was set for the highest skydiving jump by Austrian extreme athlete Felix Baumgartner. A couple days ago the just was thwarted by high-winds, but today the skies were clear.

What was a huge record for the books was also a huge hit for energy drink company, Red Bull. The company engaged over 7 million people via social media and that is only the start of it. From this amazing stunt sponsored by Red Bull, we can take away several key lessons as marketers. Maybe your next campaign will be the next world record!

Lesson 1: Go Big or Go Home

What made the Red Bull Stratos jump such a success as a marketing stunt was the fact that it broke records. The team positioned the mission as a mission to the edge of space. Felix Baumgartner set off to break several records today. Baumgartner hoped to break mach 1 speeds of over 760 mph and break the world record for longest freefall held by Joseph Kittinger. Since the claim was so outrageous and unique, people from around the world tuned in to watch Baumgartner jump LIVE from the stratosphere today. More than 7.1 million people tuned in to watch the live jump on YouTube, setting an Internet video record. 

That’s a lot of people that will talk about the Red Bull brand and amazing world record.

Lesson 2: Embrace Social Media

Social media played a HUGE role in the success of this campaign. Briefly mentioned in lesson 1, over 7.1 million people tuned in on YouTube to watch the jump. Tweets are pouring in for #stratos and the @RedBullStratos account. The team encourages viewers to ask questions via their Facebook and Twitter pages. The Red Bull Stratos page already had over 576,000 likes.

Instead of asking users to contact via email, encourage the public to use social media! It’s a much more open form of communication that is being widely adopted by younger and older generations.

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Talk about engaging the audience!

Lesson 3: Just Jump

As guerrilla marketers, we are often trying new and sometimes risky marketing stunts. There have been several guerrilla marketing fails over the past couple years that made people a lot more careful. I ask, what’s the fun in that? We must continue to push boundaries and break away from the usual into the unusual. Try things that have never been done before. As Felix Baumgartner did today, just jump.

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  • Michael!

    excellent article & great advice!

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  • David

    Well…you are totally dismissing the millions of dollars Red Bull spent on this. Marketing (viral or otherwise) gets much easier when you have 8 digits to spend.

  • David

    Well…you are totally dismissing the millions of dollars Red Bull spent on this. Marketing (viral or otherwise) gets much easier when you have 8 digits to spend.

  • Deeg

    I agree with David: the creativity should rise just with 3 digits to spend; otherwise it´s not creativity :S

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  • Auras

    I agree, Fantastic Marketing in RedBull Team!

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  • Kamilla Camilo

    As a marketer I believe this was a fantastic example of guerrilla marketing and thinking of that a few weeks ago I decided to include in my essay about guerrilla marketing for my masters course this example. To my surprise when I received my essay back today the professor had crossed off this as an example of guerrilla marketing strategy. I talked to him and he said that it was an example of mass communication and not guerrilla marketing that guerrilla marketing should use unconventional strategies but that Red Bull always uses unconventional tactics for its marketing campaigns which means they are no longer unconventional for this brand. I don’t agree with him. Would be interesting to know if many people would agree with my professor.

  • Ryan Lum

    Hey Kamilla, this is quite an interesting topic. I think it’s really open to debate and I might post this question on our social media channels to get a more diverse answer.

    I agree that Red Bull is an unconventional brand. They truly own their campaigns unlike any other. To say that this campaign isn’t guerrilla because it’s part of their overall strategy is debatable. I personally believe it is a big budget guerrilla stunt. They had a lot to spend, but it had a huge impact that was well worth their budget. Was it costly? Yes. Was it high impact? You bet.

    Perhaps the true sense of guerrilla isn’t quite there, but it is certainly a unconventional marketing stunt worth a gold medal.

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